Love creating rings in different kinds of shapes, textures, but all being round (ish!)


Pewter HandCarved rings.



Cuttlefish shell cast wide ring commission.


They look so enticingly simple, but looks do deceive the eye, just a little more heat from the very hot flame of the gas-torch can reduce the ring into a melted puddle of molten metal.

Sterling Silver "hammered" textured ring that was hammered over a rounded stake to give the ring this eye-catching form.


New 18ct Gold ring made from recycled,old gold jewellery. Detailed textures added by using a small ball peen hammer over a tubular stake.


"Hammered Textured" sterling silver rings made from recycled and rolled silver stock.


Pewter handcrafted rings made by using strips of pewter that were cast using cuttlefish shells as the moulds.



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